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  • Tree pruning 
  • Tree removals 
  • Formative pruning of young trees 
  • Large Tree Removal 
  • Confined space tree pruning and removals 
  • Structural pruning 
  • Weight, crown reduction and canopy reduction of large established trees 
  • Uplifting and crown reduction  
  • Habitat creation in existing dead trees and creation of habitat stumps 
  • Asset clearance, pruning from buildings or structures, fence lines, roadways and footpaths 
  • Natural disaster responses, including storm and fire damage clean-up 
  • Removal and recycling of debris generated from works into mulch or firewood 
  • Stump removal

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    Meet our Team
    Tree Tactics is currently in its 25th year, in this time, our company has delivered an extensive range of Arborist related services including rewarding areas of habitat creation and retention.
    Tree Tactics provides professional tree services and is proud of the quality and passion it provides to our clients. We ensure dedicated satisfaction from the initial meeting with the client to the completion of client works.
    We are a family-based company, who prides itself on supporting local people, businesses and communities.
    Tree Tactics has a strong passion for the environment and tree preservation. 
    Tree Tactics Environmental Policy